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We Design Cohesive Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Tech Literacy
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Loom Academics specializes in creating interdisciplinary, conceptually-based units that integrate traditional literacies with the emerging tech literacies of coding, software development and computer engineering.

Curriculum Development

Conceptual, Interdisciplinary Units to ensure student literacy in 21st Century skills.

Professional Development

Delivering relevant professional learning to build instructional capacity.

Education Consulting

Helping schools build on what works and close achievement gaps.

Design Process

In order to ensure that the curriculum and pathway developed for a school site meets the unique needs and challenges of the site, Loom Academics provides individualized, customized professional learning. Though each site will vary in its needs, there is a standard protocol that we begin with and then adapt as necessary.

Phase One: Exploratory

Loom Academics meets with all stakeholders in the curriculum development. Areas of need are determined and an in depth professional learning plan is developed by Loom Academics.

Phase Two: Visioning

The team vertically articulates the goals and objectives of the pathway. By backwards mapping the team develops benchmarks and determine the professional learning needs.

Phase Three: Growth

Teachers then actively engage in teaching the curriculum. Professional learning is addressed through individual and small group sessions, team teaching and in-class coaching and support.

Phase Four: Refining and Reflection

The team works with Loom Academic coaches to refine curriculum, add activities and reflect on their successes and challenges.

The Curriculum Dev Team

Image of Cate Dossettii

Cate Dossetti

Chief Academic Officer

Cate Dossetti has been teaching for fifteen years. She graduated from Smith College with a Bachelor's degree in English and a minor in Education. She completed her Master's degree in Curriculum and Teacher Education at Stanford University. She is currently teaching English and serving as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme coordinator at Fresno High School in Fresno, CA. In 2009, Cate was named Teacher of the Year for Region Seven by California League of High Schools. She also served as a member of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Teacher Advisory Council from 2012-2014.

Image of Jacob Joaquin

Jacob Joaquin

Chief Executive Officer

Jacob Joaquin started learning computer programming in the early 1980s on a BASIC cartridge for the Atari 400. During the pre-World Wide Web era, he hosted his own electronic Bulletin Board System specializing in file-trading original music. He received a Music Synthesis Degree from Berklee College of music, and a Master's Degree in Composition: New Media from the California Institute of the Arts. As a computer programmer he has worked for Blip and as an independent contractor for MakerBot Industries. Jacob is an active participant in the Maker Movement being a founding member of two Hackerspaces: Hack Rock City, an international collaborative of artists and makers, and Fresno Ideaworks, a local community makerspace.


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